air conditioning workingDuring the summer, temperatures can soar. Keeping your home cool and your air conditioning unit working at full capacity is critical – especially if you are in warmer climates. If you don’t think your home is as cool as it should be and that your AC isn’t working correctly, check these items:

  • Sensor Issues – Window air conditioners have a thermostat sensor behind the control panel, if the sensor is knocked out of position, your AC can cycle on and off and act¬†erratically.
  • Electric Control Failure – Compressors and fans wear out, this can be the case if your unit turns off an on.
  • Drainage Problems – Does your unit have proper drainage?
  • Leaks – Is your refrigerant charged correctly? It should match the manufacturers specs.

Last, make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherized. Keep your windows covered with a shade or drape, have proper insulation in your attic, program your thermostat and of course weatherize your home with weather-stripping, especially around air conditioning units, around crawl spaces and in garages.

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