HVAC Foam Tape Insulation


Technical Sealants is known for our HVAC foam tapes, which are utilized for keeping out drafts, air-leakage, moisture and dust. The Technical Sealants research and development team has worked with the HVAC industry to develop top of the line tape products that securely bond metal to metal, seal joints and seams, endure temperature extremes, reduce noise and lessen vibration.

This tape also is known for its sealing and sound deadening properties for HVAC Service Doors. Technical Sealants’ tapes can be used to stop vibration as well as dampening of any motor vibration. Our tapes are currently also used in sealing, insulation and cushioning of any HVAC units, as well as any HVAC unit panels.tape for hvac

Individuals, contractors and small businesses use Technical Sealants’ tapes around any HVAC housing for sound deadening and a long term flexible seal that can’t be beat.

For more information on HVAC foam tape insulation contact the sales team at Technical Sealants, Inc today for a free quote on any size and density that may meet your HVAC needs.

* MANY other sizes are available upon request. Please call with any questions or requirements.
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