Truck and Trailer Manufacturing Foam Tapes

Truck Cap WeatherstrippingTechnical Sealants’ range of self-adhesive PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foam tapes are widely used in the commercial vehicle/transportation industry.

This engineered and durable PVC foam:

  • Protects against vibrations
  • Insulates against sound
  • Provides insulation to temperature
  • Seals out light, air, dust, and moisture
  • Adheres quickly to any surface

Improving fabrication efficiency and eliminating clean up associated with many liquid bonding systems our foam tape comes in easy to handle, rolls.

Below are some common sizes used in the truck and trailer manufacturing industry.  The team at Technical Sealants is also able to accommodate many other size options upon request.

1/16”(thickness) Closed Cell
PVC Foam Tape/Single sided Acrylic Adhesive

Size ( width ) Rolls Per Case
1/4” 100
1/2” 52
3/4” 34
5/8” 40
1” 26
1-1/4” 20

*Other thicknesses and widths available for truck cap weatherstripping

* MANY other sizes are available upon request. Please call with any questions or requirements.
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