Recreational Vehicle and Truck Cap Manufacturing & Maintenance

RV-Weather-StrippingAre you seeking a Tape or a Quality Seal for your Recreational Vehicle or Truck Cap Manufacturing & Maintenance?

Technical Sealants has engineered a PVC Foam Tape that offers a quality seal in the manufacturing and maintenance of Truck Caps and Recreational Vehicles. Our top quality foam tape provides an economical seal between truck caps and truck body side rails, without damaging your truck body finish. Our cap tape also offers a reliable seal against dust, vibration, moisture and drafts without damaging your truck body finish.

Technical Sealants PVC Foam tape is also used in the RV manufacturing industry. An Acrylic adhesive provides a quality seal around windows and doors, and comes in an easy-to-handle roll, making for fast and easy installation with no mess to clean up.


Here are a few of the most commonly used Foam Adhesive Tape sizes in the Truck Cap and RV Industry –

Tapes for truck cap side window insulation are also available –

3/16” (thickness) PVC/Closed Cell
Acrylic Adhesive/30 ft. (Length)

Size ( Width ) Rolls Per Case
3/4” 32
5/8” 38
1” 30
1-1/4” 20
1-1/2” 20
2” 14
2-1/2” 12


1/8” (thickness) PVC/Closed Cell
Single-Sided Acrylic Adhesive/100 ft. (Length)

Size ( Width ) Rolls Per Case
1/2” 52
3/4” 34
5/8” 40
1 26

*Other widths and thicknesses available upon request.

* MANY other sizes are available upon request. Please call with any questions or requirements.
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